Omnifactory Server, SF4 Server Closure & Top Voters
Started by Rishum

Hi Everyone,

Upcoming Omnifactory Server Release

On Monday 19th of July 2021, SiriusMC will release a public Omnifactory server on our network. As many have known, we have been developing this server for some time with custom plugins, mod patches and more!

Omnifactory is an 'expert' style pack based around GregTech, it is quest-based and is a significantly harder modpack than both Tekkit Legends & The 1.12.2 Pack. The pack is easy to run, can easily be played with 3GB of ram allocated & has an estimated completion time of ~600+ hours.

All current donators will have their rank automatically issued upon joining. Playtime ranks are independent on each server, thus they won't be synced. The Server IP and more information will be made available closer to the release date!

Mod List:

I do hope you will all enjoy this forthcoming addition to our network!

Sky Factory 4 Server Closure

It is SiriusMC's goal to host high-quality servers focusing foremost on the player experience as opposed to the number of Modpacks on offer. Unfortunately, SiriusMC is unable to provide this on SF4 without several more months being spent on its development to fix critical issues such as Prestige, Advancements issuing etc... Internally therefore it has been decided that our SF4 server will close on the Sunday 18th of July 2021 to focus our development time on both our other and future servers. This server will be replaced in the future with an MC 1.16 Modpack which will represent a 4th modded server on our network. The SF4 World File will be made available on our Website and I am happy to provide a world containing just your island upon request.

July's Top Voters

Congratulations to July's top voters!

Top Voter(s):
1st Place - hanroll , WinkelWaggie & KOBALOI_666 - £15 Store Voucher
2nd Place - Jaze - £10 Store Voucher
3rd Place - figrorgif - £5 Store Voucher

If you are in the Discord I will contact you later today with your voucher, if not I will leave you a mail message in-game!

Thanks all,
- Rishum