Omnifactory Release, New Server & 35% Store Sale!
Started by Rishum

Hello everyone,

Omnifactory Release!

Our Omnifactory server is now available to join using the following IP address:
The Modpack (v.1.2.2) is available to download on either the Curse, GD or MultiMC launcher! We also recommend allocating 3-4GB to the pack for the optimal playing experience.

This server will be in a short one week Beta period to fix any initial teething issues. Please do not use to connect to this server, as your game will crash. The server currently features a vanilla only Admin Store and our standard PlayerShop system. If you purchased a paid rank, it will be issued within 45s of you joining, if after that period it has still not been automatically issued, please create a ticket and will investigate promptly!

If you encounter any bugs or issues, please report them to us and you will be issued a bug bounty. As always I do hope you enjoy this key addition to our network!

A New Staff Member

Congratulations to figrorgif for being promoted to Trial-Mod! Please welcome him accordingly.

35% Off Server Store Sale

To celebrate the release of our new server, all SiriusMC store items are 35% off. This sale will end on August 1st. Visit:

Thanks all,
- Rishum