Upcoming Tekkit Legends Reset
Started by Rishum

Hi Everyone,

On Monday, April 11th, our Tekkit Legends will have a map reset. Please all read the information below regarding this (Press read full post):

Why is the map being reset?
The current map iteration has been with us now for over 2 years (From the days we were called Cosmic Tekkit) and during that period it has seen over 15,000+ unique player joins. The map is crowded, has a significant amount of destroyed land, is becoming large (30GB+), buggy and somewhat unmanageable. Random Teleporting for example in most instances has a high chance of putting you in a quarry hole, destroyed claim or worst. To put it bluntly, we believe the world no longer provides an ideal experience for players and falls below our standards.

We also feel that we have been exceptionally generous with the lifespan of this map compared to other servers that typically reset every 6-12 months. Our new map has been developed with longevity in mind, and with our updated claim expiry system we expect this new map to have a life span between 2.5-3 years.

But I spent so much time working on stuff?
This is the case for other players too, however, a new map gives new opportunities to build amazing towns, factories & builds. World Resets unfortunately are common across all Minecraft servers.

What will be reset?
Everything will be reset, this includes the Map, Player Data (Your Inventory, Bags etc..), Economy Balances, Claims, Claimblocks etc...

What will be kept/re-issued?
➤ Ranks & Playtime
➤ Paid Ranks Perks will be re-issued.
➤ Any consumables (Money & Claimblocks) purchased within the last 31 days.

Will the world be made available to download?
Yes, we will also be providing two options for this:

➤ The whole world will be uploaded and available to download shortly after the reset at Player Data will be removed from this download so please put inventory items in a chest before the world is reset. The size of this will be around 25-30GB.

➤ We will also be offering individual base & claim downloads for ~3 months after the world reset. This will be a single-player world that only contains your base(s) and Player Data. If you would like this, please create a #other-support ticket requesting this after the world reset. These individual worlds will only be between ~50-400MB.

Will the seed be the same?
No, it will be changed.

What changes/improvements will there be?
A lot of work is going into this reset to fix some of the major issues that we felt are experienced on our Tekkit Legends server, as a result, we have been working on the following:

➤ A Mining World will be introduced, with 2x Ore Rates to incentivise its use.
➤ A new custom limits plugin (for DM Pedestals) will replace our current one which fixes several issues such as limits being able to be easily bypassed.
➤ Several items have had their Fake Player fixed.
➤ New spawn for every world.
➤ The End will be reset weekly.
➤ The Economy will be slightly modified to make it more balanced.

What time will the reset be at?
Our Tekkit Legends server will be offline from 00:00 until 02:00 (GMT).

Final Day Anarchy Event!
As a tribute and celebration to this map, on Sunday 13th of April, we will be holding an anarchy event before the reset of the map. On this day all claim protection will be disabled, PVP turned on, and items such as Nukes and other explosives will be enabled. The final version of the world will be saved BEFORE this event starts and therefore any changes from the event WILL NOT be reflected in the final world download or individual base downloads. This event is purely intended as a bit of fun before the reset, and we do hope you will enjoy it. We will provide more information about the event later.

If you have any more questions about this, please let us know! I would also suggest joining our Discord server for super quick replies from our staff team regarding any queries using the following link: Click Me to join

- Rishum