Tekkit Legends World Reset Complete
Started by Rishum

Hi Everyone,

Our Tekkit Legends world reset has now been completed and you are now free to join the server. Everything for the most part has gone smoothly, however, there are a few very minor issues that will be worked on throughout today. Our online web store will also continue to be unavailable for the remainder of today (11th) while we continue to update packages to reflect some of the changes on this new map. Later today a full changelog will be in our Discord changelog channel detailing all of the changes made for this reset!  

Both paid and playtime ranks should be re-issued automatically within 30 seconds of you joining the server. If you have not received your rank after this time, please create an #other-support ticket and we will investigate promptly.

World Download & Individual Base Downloads:
The full world download of the previous map will be made available at later today. Players are also now welcome to request individual base downloads, if you would like one open an other-support ticket in either our Discord or Ticket Support system with your in-game username and we will provide your custom world download within 48 hours.

A lot of effort has gone into this World Reset and we hope that this map will have a lifespan of well over 2.5+ years. If you encounter any issues please let us know, and I do hope you enjoy the new map!

I would also suggest joining our Discord server for super quick replies from our staff team regarding any issues using the following link: Click Me to join
- Rishum