SiriusAboutMods has been updated!
Started by Rishum

Our SiriusAboutMods server has now been updated to pack Version 1.0.9b and is now available to join. Please read the information below regarding this update.

As always, you must update your clients to this version to join the server If you are using the CurseForge launcher this should be as simple as pressing 'Change Version' and selecting 1.0.9b. On other launchers such as MultiMC, this process is now more complicated, please consult your launcher documentation for guidance.

Building, Decoration, Minecarts & More!

➤ This update adds a range of new building and decoration mods including Chisel and Bits (finally), Decocraft, Decorative Blocks, Timber Frames & Create Deco!
➤ More Minecarts and Rails have been added for you engineers allowing you to create more complex rail networks. Target Dummies have been added for those who want to test their outrageous weapons.
➤ A range of Quality of Life and ambient mods have been added including Crafting Tweaks, Mod Name Tooltip & Dynamic Surroundings!

This update also fixes a significant number of bugs and updates 48 mods to their latest versions! As always a full changelog is available on curseforge.

If you encounter any issues or bugs please let us know in a bug-reports on either Discord or our support system!

Please don't forget to join our Discord server for quicker and more frequent announcements, updates and support!

Hope you enjoy the update!
- Rishum