Server Rules

Displayed below are the rules that apply when playing on SiriusMC. These rules apply to all players on the server regardless of rank, both paid and playtime based. If you are caught breaking our server rules, sanctions may be taken against you and repeated offences may result in a permanent ban from SiriusMC. Rules are subject to change at any time and are subject to staff discretion. If you have been sanctioned and would like to appeal, please do so either using our Ticket system or on our Discord server.

We take dim view of any attempts to bypass the rules or attempts to try and get around them by arguing semantics, technicalities or using loopholes. We follow the 'spirit of the rules' methodology and will enforce the intent behind them. Common sense should always be considered about what is appropriate when playing on our servers.

Note: Tekkit Legend's Bans displayed on our ban list are still being updated to reflect these updated rule numbers. TL rule numbers differ in-game.
All forms of hacking or cheating are prohibited. Examples of this include illegal dupe glitches, hacked clients, use of x-ray or exploiting bugs/the in-game economy.
All forms of advertisement (e.g. Other Servers etc..) are banned on SiriusMC unless you have the permission of a member of our staff team. Spamming the chat with unwanted messages or trolling other players in any form is not permitted.
Claimed land is strictly protected and players may not grief, steal or unwantedly interact with it (or attempt to). Unclaimed land however is considered fair game and players are welcome to do as they please to it provided it does not amount to landscape grief
All Timers, Redstone Clocks or anything that emits a Redstone pulse must be set to a minimum of 1 second. While a single Redstone clock set below this won't cause issues, the combined effect of a large number results in degraded server performance.
Any attempt to bypass player restrictions and/or the server rules may result in player sanctions. This includes attempting to have or having banned items, bypassing limits or testing the server rules
Common sense should be used when talking in chat. Swearing is permitted as long as it is not excessive. Any form of racism, sexism etc.. will not be tolerated and will result in player sanctions occurring against you!
Large scale factories/farms may cause issues for players living around you/the server. If your factory is causing lag, you may be asked to reduce its size or scale of it. Please, therefore, be considerate when designing these.
Anti-AFK machines or anything that bypasses the AFK timer will result in player sanctions against you. These can be auto-detected! On Modded-MC the per-player resource requirements are higher than on vanilla and therefore we prioritise resources for players who are actively playing.
Destroying near or around someones claim is not permitted and you must allow them some room to expand/grow in the future. Destroying large amount of the landscape without reason is also not allowed.
Staff are volunteers and are only trying to improve the player experience for all. Please therefore do not argue with requests/decisions they give. If you have an issue with a member of staff, please contact Rishum