'The 1.12.2 Pack V.1.3.7 Update' & Staff News
Started by Rishum

Hi Everyone,

 'The 1.12.2 Pack' has been updated!
The 1.12.2 Pack server has been updated to version 1.3.7 (Recommended). Please update your clients to this version to join the server. This update contains a few mod updates and adds a few client-side mods to help with performance.

If when you join you get the following or a similar error: Recipe minecraft:crafting_table produces unregistered item minecraft:crafting_table. Delete the pack and install it again (Do not just press reinstall). This is a bug introduced by FastWorkbench that causes registry desynchronization between yourself and the server.

Players who have swapped their minimap mod will have to re-add it again using the instructions in #pack-addons.

Staff Goodbyes
Sadly, MindCrash has retired from his Admin position on the server. SiriusMC would thanks him for his contribution to both the server and its community. Mindcrash has been one of the longest-serving staff members having joined the staff team in September of 2019 and since then he has gone on to be considered a key member in the community and is best known for his huge railway project that spans the vast majority of the Tekkit Legends map. His contribution is indisputable and he will be missed by both myself and countless other players.

Snel243NL has unfortunately also recently left the staff team, I'd again like to extend my thanks to him for his key contribution to the server. His helpfulness in-game has been appreciated by countless players and will always be etched in their minds.

Please stay safe all,
- Rishum